Associate professor at Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology (ENSAM Paris), I conduct my research the Laboratory of Fluid Engineering and Energy Systems laboratory (LIFSE).

The main focus of my research activities concerns the developments of numerical and experimental tools for improving the understanding of internal flows phenomenon inside energy systems and their components.

I contribute to the development of the laboratory CFD code called CFDkit. This code is a higher order unstructured finite volumes solver. The ongoing work concerns the development of two-phase flow models with heat and mass transfer with ebullition, condensation and thermal fluid structure coupling. High order preserving sliding mesh interfaces are also developed to simulate internal flows and acoustic wave propagation inside turbomachines.

My experimental work concerns the development of a high pressure hydrogen compressor with intensified heat exchange aiming to maximize the efficiency, the study of stability and surge behavior of centrifugal compressors and the analysis of radial turbines performances as a turbo expander of an Organic Rankine Cycle.