Teaching activities

Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology  (ENSAM)

Parcours Grande Ecole

4th year of higher education
  • Cas study for hydrogen mobility  : focus on the air compressor for an automotive fuel cell

5year of higher eduction
  • Systems modelling
    • Applications/projects : Compressed air energy storage(CAES), gas turbine
    • Acausal approach using MODELICA language
Master recherche Énergie Environnement, parcours Ingénierie des Machines à Conversion d’Energie (MR-EE-IMCE)
  • Systèmes énergétiques économisant les ressources naturelles, projet d’initiation à la recherche
    • Tool initiation : latex, beamer, python, plot digitizer
    • Litterature research and review methodology : analysis of the sources, bibliometrics, references manager tools
    • Project : report and presentation on a specific research subject defined from a general theme, analysis of the selected 3 to 5 research paper about the subject

Sorbonne Université (SU)

Master recherche Énergie Environnement

  • Numerical simulation : computationnal fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) analysis
    • Research of operating points adapted for other fluids based on similitudes
    • Numerical simulation CFD of a radial turbine with real gas